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What I offer

My way of working is led by the idea of man of systemic therapy and counselling. The wide range of systemic thinking can be summarised as the belief that all people have the abilities and resources to shape their lives according to their own ideas. However, in times of crisis, of change, or after traumatic experiences, we may lose confidence in ourselves and thus in our creative potential. I regard myself as a professional facilitator who supports you in (re-)establishing a connection to your individual problem-solving skills. My guiding principle is to create an appreciation-based atmosphere for the cooperation of learning and to establish a new relationship to oneself.

In my practice I want to support people who....

  • are in search of orientation

  • are challenged by changes in their lives

  • feel lonely

  • are confronted with grief and loss

  • are facing a difficult decision

  • suffer from depression and/or anxiety and want to find a way to deal with it

  • have experienced trauma and want to come to terms with the experience

  • have to deal with an illness 

  • have the feeling that everything is too much for them

  • are addicted to alcohol or other substances and want to change something about it

  • have problems sleeping 

  • are prone to aggression

  • are in a challenging relationship

  • have difficulties in the family and want to work on them together

  • want to work on their leadership role 

  • want to work on personal development


„Man is gifted with reason; he is life being aware of itself he has awareness of himself, of his fellow man, of his past, and of the possibilities of his future.“
Erich Fromm

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