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Individual session


If our idea of a good life does not match our perception of our own situation, this can lead to states of suffering that burden us psychologically and physically. Our problems no longer seem solvable on our own and we have the feeling that we cannot shape our own lives. This can be due to a wide variety of reasons, which can be discovered and worked on together in individual therapy.


I am also there to accompany you in phases of grief, because you have lost a loved one, are confronted with a separation, or because illness has become an issue in your life.


If you need to prepare for what is to come or have an important decision to make, I will gladly be at your side to advise you.


I am particularly committed to building an appreciative and trusting relationship with you. By asking detailed questions combined with a variety of systemic methods, I aim to identify your concerns as precisely as possible. Ultimately, however, it is not about me understanding. Rather, the joint process of questioning should make new ideas and solutions conceivable and above all tangible and thus bring you a little closer to your desired experience.


1 unit of 50 minutes = Euro 80,-.


The frequency is determined by your personal needs. 


In individual settings I work with adults and adolescents.

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