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With couples


Every relationship system is shaped by individual experiences and desires. Thus, a relationship is in motion and may be subject to challenges or conflicts. Over time, these may harden and we might feel that we are just talking at cross purposes and no longer understand each other. Passion and love are no longer as tangible as they used to be.

Couples therapy can help you to re-establish a common and loving communication and to get involved again. 


I am also at your side when you have to deal with grief, illness and other changes together as a couple.


When working with couples, I consider it my most important task to enable individuals to communicate with each other. A neutral attitude on my part is a basic prerequisite.


Furthermore, listening to each other and allowing for different perspectives is central to our joint work. This way we can succeed in creating a new atmosphere together in which conflicts seem solvable again.


1 unit of 90 minutes = Euro 150,-. 


The frequency depends on your personal needs.

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