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As a family


Families are complex systems that have a lasting impact on our view of the world and social life. Thus, it is often as yet unrecognised conflicts in the family that burden individual members and influence their behaviour. In these cases, family therapy can help to work through and resolve these conflicts. 

However, it may also make sense for a family or parts of a family to seek family therapy when they are facing a change or challenge together. In this case, our work can help to identify and implement new solutions.


Systemic family therapy offers the opportunity to make room for different perspectives and thus to develop new ways of communication and relationship. In order to be able to localise conflicts, a professional attitude means for me to offer space to all needs in the therapy and to promote mutual interest in the perspectives of the individual family members. Only then can we succeed in developing new approaches to solutions in a co-creative and dialogical way.


1 unit of 90 minutes = Euro 150,-.


The frequency depends on your personal needs.

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